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Below, you will find our staff directory. Each column in the directory below is sortable. That is, you may re-order the list below by any of the given columns by simply clicking on the column header. Please note that the E-Mail column is a direct email link that will launch your specified email client on your computer. The "Moodle Course(s)" column links to specific courses on our MOODLE server that this staff member has chosen to create (place content).

If a teachers course does not load properly, please refresh this page and try the link again.

Name E-Mail Grade House Moodle Course(s)
Abbott, Jeremy jeremy.abbott@district196.org 7 Gold 7th Grade Science
Ahern, Barbara barbara.ahern@district196.org
Ahnemann, Aimee aimee.ahnemann@district196.org 7th Grade Comm
8th Grade Comm
Alexander, Genesis genesis.alexander@district196.org 7, 8 Green English
Brockman, Ellen Ellen.Brockman@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Food Services
Burns, Derek L derek.burns@district196.org 6 Boat Soccer
Mr. Burns' Classes
Carlson, Christin christin.carlson@district196.org 7 Gold 7th Grade English
Carlson, Tami Tami.Carlson@district196.org Principal's Secretary
Carrier, Sylvie sylvie.carrier@district196.org
Cary, Gretchen gretchen.cary@district196.org 6 Strategic Reading 6th Grade ELA
Cattoor, Karyn A karyn.cattoor@district196.org 7 English 7
Cerling, Travis travis.cerling@district196.org 8 8th Grade 8th Grade Science
Clausen, Steven M steve.clausen@district196.org 6 Boat Boat House English
6th Grade ELA
Clementson, Casey casey.clementson@district196.org Band
Colucci, Tamara tamara.colucci@district196.org 7, 8 8th Grade 8th Grade Communications
David, Cindee Cindee.David@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Des Jarlais, Kiel kiel.desjarlais@district196.org Counselor (A-L) Counselor's Page
Dick, Herbert herb.dick@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Instrumental Music Band
Dominguez De Corral, Milca milca.dominguez@district196.org
Elioff, Nick nick.elioff@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Special Education
Erb, Charlie charlie.erb@district196.org Physical Education
Erzar, Pamela pam.erzar@district196.org 8 8th Grade English - 8th
Eshelman, Karla karla.eshelman@district196.org 6 Light Eshelman Science
6th Grade
Eshelman's Science (New)
Filonowich, Linda linda.filonowich@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Speech Speech & Language
Ford, Leann leann.ford@district196.org 6 Light Mrs. Ford's Moodle
Freiderich, Holly Holly.Freiderich@district196.org Building Secretary
Gabriel, Emily emily.gabriel@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Ganser, Megan megan.ganser@district196.org 6 Lighthouse
Gerten, Henry henry.gerten@district196.org 6 Boat Mr. Gerten's Classes
Gillis, Michael michael.gillis@district196.org 6, 7, 8 6th Grade ELA
Greiner, Sheena sheena.greiner@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Math 6th Grade Math
Gruenes, Carolyn carolyn.gruenes@district196.org
Hahn, Rebecca rebecca.hahn@district196.org
Hansen, Eric eric.hansen@district196.org Assistant Principal
Hartwig, Charles charles.hartwig@district196.org 8 8th Grade 8th Grade Science
Hayes, Donald donald.hayes@district196.org Counselor (M-Z) Counselor's Page
Higgins, Debra Debra.Higgins@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Hilliard, Heidi heidi.hilliard@district196.org 7, 8 8th Grade 7th Grade Science 8th Grade Science
Hoernke, Timothy tim.hoernke@district196.org 7 7th Grade Science
Hoff, Gina gina.hoff@district196.org 7 Math
Idstrom, Donna donna.idstrom@district196.org 6 Light Reading/English/Math 6th Grade ELA
Ilse, Nathan nathan.ilse@district196.org 6 WACA American Studies, Math 6th Grade ELA
Jaye, Pamela pamela.jaye@district196.org 6 WACA Mrs. Jaye's Classes 6th Grade ELA
Joachim, Tammy Tammy.Joachim@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Jones, Tim tim.jones@district196.org
Kapalka, Sara sara.kapalka@district196.org
Kelly, Lisa lisa.kelly@district196.org School Psychologist School Psychologist
Kienitz, Tiffany tiffany.kienitz@district196.org Media, GT Gifted & Talented
Korpela, Diana Diana.Korpela@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Kosidowski, Brett brett.kosidowski@district196.org Physical Education
Kunze, Scott scott.kunze@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Adapted Physical Education
Laabs, Nicole nicole.laabs@district196.org Light 6th Grade Math
Larsen, Janell janell.larsen@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Larson, Michael mike.larson@district196.org 8 8th Grade English - 8th
Lentz, Robert robert.lentz@district196.org 7 Math
Liegl, Michael mike.liegl@district196.org 7, 8 Liegl's Communication Classes
Lighthouse, 6 Light RMS Lighthouse Moodle
Martin-oake, Colleen colleen.martin@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Vocal Music Choir
Mazzio, Ellie ellie.mazzio@district196.org 7, 8 8th Grade Global Studies
7th Grade American Studies
Mensen, Amanda amanda.mensen@district196.org Mensen's English Classes
Mertz, Kelly kelly.mertz@district196.org 6, 7, 8 English, Reading
Michalak, Amanda amanda.michalak@district196.org Communications 7
Communications 8
6th Grade ELA
Miller, Christine christine.miller@district196.org
Mills, Nancy nancy.mills@district196.org
Myers, David R david.myers@district196.org 8 8th Grade 8th Grade Science
Nelson, Jerrod jerrod.nelson@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Industrial Technology Tech Ed
Nyssen, Sonja sonja.nyssen@district196.org 6 6th Grade ELA
O'donnell, Anna Anna.ODonnell@district196.org Child Study Secretary
Ofstad, Jon jon.ofstad@district196.org Technology Coordinator
Orpen, Josh josh.orpen@district196.org 7th Grade American Studies
Overpeck, Greg greg.overpeck@district196.org 7 Blue 7th Grade American Studies
Pacheco, Michele michele.pacheco@district196.org
Pendino, Amy J amy.pendino@district196.org 7 Blue English 7
Peters, Scott scott.peters@district196.org 7 8th Grade Global
Picker, Cally cally.picker@district196.org 6 Light Mrs. Picker's English Classes 6th Grade ELA
Poukey, Bette bette.poukey@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Art Art Classes
Preston, Andrew andrew.preston@district196.org Math Math
Future Cities
Pugmire, Kim kimberly.pugmire@district196.org 6 Boat English, Reading 6th Grade ELA
Redd, Julie julie.redd@district196.org 7 Basic English 6 & 8 6th Grade ELA
Regalado, Jacqueline jacqueline.regalado@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Physical Education Mrs. Regalado's Physical Education Class
Rinear, Jeffrey jeffrey.rinear@district196.org 6, 7, 8 Instrumental Music Band
Rose, Betsy L betsy.rose@district196.org Counselor (M-Z) Counselor's Page
Rose, Tiffany tiffany.rose@district196.org 8 8th Grade 8th Grade Algebra
Rotty, Kirstee kirstee.rotty@district196.org 6, 7, 8 8th Grade Math
Ruthenbeck, Kayla kayla.ruthenbeck@district196.org
Ryan, Jeanine Jeanine.Ryan@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Schafer, Bradley Bradley.Schafer@district196.org Assistant Administrator Athletics
Schalk, Sydney sydney.schalk@district196.org Math
Schmitz, Robin robin.schmitz@district196.org Nurse
Servais, Kari A kari.servais@district196.org 6, 7, 8 WACA Family and Consumer Science
Simmers, Alyssa alyssa.simmers@district196.org 7, 8 Math 6th Grade Math
Simmers 7th Grade Math
Singewald, Bradley brad.singewald@district196.org 6, 7, 8 8th Grade Math 7, Special Ed
Standon, Alissa alissa.standon@district196.org 7 Mrs. Standon's Classes
Strey, James james.strey@district196.org 6 WACA Math and Science - 6th 6th Grade ELA
Svaren, Janice janice.svaren@district196.org
Swanson, Lisa lisa.swanson@district196.org 7, 8 8th Grade Spanish
Thompson, Mary mary.thompson@district196.org Principal
Truskowski, Amy Amy.Truskowski@district196.org 6, 7, 8
Walker, Shelby shelby.walker@district196.org
Walseth, Mark mark.walseth@district196.org 8 8th Grade Global Studies
Wattson, Doug doug.wattson@district196.org
Wien, Kelly kelly.wien@district196.org 6, 7, 8 6th Grade ELA
Ms. Wien's Classroom
Wilde, Ben ben.wilde@district196.org
Wu, Jin jin.wu@district196.org
Zouzouambe, Ruth ruth.zouzouambe@district196.org 7, 8 8th Grade French, Math
Zschunke, John john.zschunke@district196.org 6, 7, 8 8th Grade, Instrumental Music Band