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  • Who We Are

    Rosemount Middle has the distinction of being the oldest building in the district. The original 1918 portion of our building is still in use after several makeovers. The beautiful RMS complex sits on top of the hill overlooking Rosemount High School. We are truly the Irish, with most of our students attending Rosemount High. Steeped in tradition, establishing quality connections and a family atmosphere create a special place for students and staff.

    • Many staff have received the district's "Outstanding Service Award"
    • A national Blue Ribbon School of Excellence (U.S. Department of Education)
    • Nationally board certified teachers
    • Highly acclaimed extended-day program
    • Excellent fine arts program
    • Top teams in state Destination Imagination
    • The highest percentage of students participating in co-curricular activities of District 196 middle schools
    The cornerstone of District 196, a strong active community backing with a small-town feel make Rosemount Middle School truly one of the special places for children to get a quality education.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of our middle schools is to nurture the development of responsible, thoughtful citizens for life in an increasingly interdependent global society by creating environments in which students are challenged to explore, to create, to make decisions and to actively participate in and be accountable for their learning. Middle school provides an environment that allows transition for students as they move from elementary into high school years. Middle school education builds upon skills acquired in previous learning experiences and provides an opportunity to explore new areas of interest that will give direction for future choices.

    Mission Statement: Instruction - Approaches to learning emphasize interdisciplinary instruction, exploration, practical application and cooperative learning. Learning opportunities are presented through a variety of instructional methods. Instruction in the middle school places emphasis on the continued acquisition of basic skills and higher order thinking skills and acknowledges the importance of out-of-school activities on classroom learning. Learning activities begin in areas familiar to the learner and lead to new areas of interest.
    Mission Statement: Decision-making - The school program is one in which students learn to accept responsibility for their actions as they grow and mature. Students receive instruction in the process of decision-making through experiences in classrooms, exploratory and cocurricular activities. Reinforcement, direction and guidance are provided through the practice of participatory decision-making.
    Mission Statement: Home-school Relations - It is understood that a home-school partnership exists among students, parents, staff and the community. Communication between home and school is necessary for each student's success and learning. Accountability for these expectations is accomplished through a variety of communication methods initiated by parents and staff.
    Mission Statement: Evaluation - Elements which comprise an effective middle school are assessed on a regular basis. Student academic and social progress is reported systematically. Evaluation examines the learning process and focuses on attainment of educational outcomes.

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  • Athletics Mission

    The mission of the Rosemount Middle School Athletic Program will be to develop, teach, and inspire our student athletes with sportsmanship, leadership, commitment, teamwork, and integrity.

    Athletics Philosophy

    The vision in each sport will be to develop our student athletes into productive, contributing citizens of our community and society. The emphasis will focus on providing our students a series of experiences, which will promote wholesome and friendly participation, improved playing skills, good sportsmanship, new friends, and better community relationships. The Middle School athletics program will provide athletes with a positive foundation for their development within the program; creating allegiance between the middle school and high school and a positive feeling of school loyalty and pride.

    Fall Sports
    • Cross Country (Boys/Girls)
    • Volleyball (Girls)
    • Gymnastics - RHS (Girls)
    • Soccer (Boys/Girls)
    • Tennis (Girls)
    Winter I Sports
    • Basketball (Girls)
    • Wrestling (Boys)
    Winter II Sports
    • Basketball (Boys)
    Winter III Sports
    • Swimming (Boys/Girls)
    Spring Sports
    • Tennis (Boys)
    • Track (Boys/Girls)


    Students wishing to participate in athletics should be covered by insurance provided by the parent(s). The school district does not have insurance for participants in the school athletic program, school activities or for accidents that occur at school.

  • Fine Arts

    All students are invited to take part in the Fine Arts program (Drama, Declam). A fine arts participation fee of $40.00 will be charged to students in Drama or Declam. The fee will be collected after students have been cast for the play and during the first week of the Declam season. Any student who is cast for a performance role in the play will be required to pay the fee.

    Those students involved in a school service role like lighting and technical crew will not be required to pay the fee. A signed parent permission slip must also be submitted at the time the student pays his/her fee.

  • Click here for FeePay information

  • Non-Athletic Activities and CLubs Offered to Middle School Students

    Downhill Ski Club
    Declam (Speech)
    Destination Imagination
    Knowledge Master
    Math Counts
    Science Olympiad
    Spring Play/Musical
    Student Council
    Future Cities

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