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Identification, Entrance and Exit Procedure

The following document lists the criteria used in District 196 for determining student eligibility in the English Language Learner (ELL) Program. As defined by the State of Minnesota, students identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP), the state terminology for ELL, must:

  • Have a home language other than English.
  • "Be determined by developmentally appropriate measures to lack the necessary English skills to participate fully in classes taught in English."

English Language LearnersStep I
Home Language Questionnaire or teacher referral indicates possible ELL status.

Step II
District 196 Registration Form and informal family interview (preferably at time of registration) indicate possible ELL status.

Step III
Assess Oral, Reading, and Writing English Proficiency

Step IV
Initial Placement Decision - If a student is not proficient in one or all of the three areas assessed in step III, he/she meets state criteria for ELL service.

Step V
Parent Notification - Parents are notified within 10 days of enrollment that their son/daughter qualifies for ELL services and informed of student's proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing, using the District's NCLB (No Child Left Behind- Title ill) Parent Notification Form. Included in the notification is amount of time and type of ELL service. The letter informs parents of their right to refuse service.

Step VI
ELL Service - Support student in reading, writing, and speaking listening.

Step VII
Monitor/Exit - When student scores "proficient" in the reading, writing, and speaking of English on local or state assessments, he/she is monitored or exited from ELL service.


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